After the Apocalypse—A Prompt on Endings

Last post was on the end of the world, and this one is about the end of a poem. In a workshop with Brendan Constantine, either he (or one of the many poets he referenced) noted that the reader/listener views the entire poem through the lens of the last lines. The tweet below reminded me of that discussion and the importance of last lines. The entire thread btw was a treasure of last lines and fabulous poems. 


Here is the full poem:  


And here are some amazing last lines:  


So your prompt is to the last line of one of your poems—perhaps the poem you feel is your strongest or maybe the poem that never really worked, but you love its ending— and rewrite the poem using that last line as your ghostline. See what happens. Good luck! And please share if your poem is published or if you would simply like it to be the prompt’s sample poem.