The Apocalyspe is here—with ladybugs

Recently a swarm of ladybugs was so large it was caught on weather radar. Rather than locusts, we were given ladybugs. Imagine an apocalypse when one of the portents is ladybugs. What will be next, a rain of kittens with each gently landing on its four paws and skittering around to bat at the invading daisies? What if the world ends not in fire or ice, but rainbows and glitter? What if Gabriel blows on a piccolo instead of a trumpet? If archangel Michael carries a bubble wand rather than a sword? Describe the end of days that closes with cookies and milk and a nap rather than damnation. Have fun! For inspiration, please check out Danes Smith’s beautiful “‘From ‘summer, somewhere’” and buy his book Don’t Call Us Dead.