Color Your World Deadly—A Prompt

The world is filled with colors. In nature, colors can be a warning sign of danger or poison—the yellow and black stripes of bees and wasps, the jewel tones of poison dart frogs, the scarlet hourglass of the black widow spider. Or conversely muted colors help a creature blend in with their surroundings.

The so-called civilized world can be equally colorful. The colors red, yellow, and orange often signal caution or danger or stop. Conversely, red can be associated with celebration and happiness. White in some cultures are associated with purity, but in others mourning. What colors warn you? Do you heed their warning?

Write a poem using at least one color to signal danger. If possible, use another color to represent safety and peace. Juxatapose the two. See what happens.


"Mariposa del Sol” is a mixed media painting by the amazing Kelsey Bryan-Zwick and appeared with my poem "Color Scheming" in the powerful Incandescent Mind, Winter 2017. Follow Kelsey on instagram for her beautiful poetry and artwork. I am so grateful to Sarah Thursday of Sadie Girl Press for publishing my poem and pairing it with Kelsey’s lovely painting in an anthology devoted to mental health.  Check out the Sadie Girl Press site for this anthology and others along with Sarah’s own poetry collections, including her upcoming collection, Conversations with Gravel