Lie Like You Are a Twitter Troll—Prompt from Denise Weuve

Some days are good Twitter days—discovering poets new to you and gasping at the beauty of their words, reading and laughing at biologists drag Peterson or some other vile twit, reading historians diss each other’s favorite snacks and sodas—other days are filled with incels, bigots and rape apologists. Today, alas, was a bad Twitter day. 

As Twitter and the current adminstration demonstrate, there is truly no longer any consequences for lying. So have at it. Tell white lies, neon green lies, lies of omissions, tall tales, whoppers, fibs and falsehoods: tell all the lies in this poem...BUT still give credit. This prompt comes from the amazing Denise Wueve. Please click here for her prompt, including her helpful suggestions, and buy her book available from her publisher, ELJ BookNook, and bookstores.

But most of us lie at times and most of us experience the fallout from it, so here are two poems you might like as much as I did: “Lying My Head Off” by Cate Marvin and “White Lies” by Natasha Trethewey.