Superhero—Save the World in Stanzas

We all want to be the superhero—to look good in tights, soar like a bird, lift up a car or a world, wear a cape and boots for work, order a sidekick to pick up the pizza, you know, fight crime and save the day. Choose a superhero or make up a new one and write from the hero’s perspective. Is it ever not fun outwitting the villains with one-liners and superior strength and logic? Does the responsibility wear on you eventually? What is it to be the first choice to every problem and the last hope of the helpless? Save the world or just save yourself. 

Need inspiration? Read Gary Jackson's "Fly" or buy his book, Missing You, Metropolis. Need more idea starters or just having fun? Check out A. Van Jordan's "The Flash Reverses Time" and Amy Nezhukumatathil's "What I Learned From the Incredible Hulk" although the latter isn't a persona poem. Whatever. Break the rules or some walls or whole city blocks.

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