The Kitchen Table

The kitchen table is at the center of a home for many families. Certainly it was for mine as a kid—the table was where we of course came together for meals but also to drink coffee, play Rummy and chat (or gossip and gripe depending upon the day).

Today’s prompt comes from HanaLena Fennel: 

 “Write an unromantic kitchen poem. Right now my kitchen floor is covered in Cheerios. There are no pools of light, no bowls of random citrus. See your kitchen for what it really is. What does this say about your house? Your family? Yourself?”

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For inspiration, read Joy Harjo poem “Perhaps the World Ends Here” available at the Poetry Foundation, where you can also listen to her read it.  This poem particularly resonates with me because my hope for the afterlife is a place at my grandmother’s kitchen table where she and my mom’s mom have a chair waiting for me, a cup of coffee poured, and a hand dealt. I would like to again watch them deliberately miss plays so that the other could win. 

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