Breakup Prompt for the Year

Last January, HanaLena Fennel gave this prompt at the Ugly Mug reading: “Break up with last year. You are too good to be treated like this.”

I am unsure about your year, but for me 2016 was a flaming trash heap, and then 2017 waltzed up and said, “hold my beer.” So I am repeating this prompt for 2017. Don’t hold back. Don’t tell 2017 you just want to be friends or that it is really you, not it, that’s the problem. You tell 2017 off for every insult and lie slapped across your face. Get political, get dirty, get revenge. Burn its calendar and erase entire months from your memory. We all deserve better. 

Here is a photo of your ex. Launch a dart or a missile, whichever is more appropriate.


Here are the two poems I wrote to 2016:


bent me over a table.
I was doubly bored.


you rolling dumpster fire,
burning down career,
government, confidence, skills—
I piss on your calendar.


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I believe the half scratched off price sticker on the bottom of my coffee mug may explain the universe’s attitude towards me... Don't worry, I will write a poem for it too.