Birth a Planet; Birth a Poem—Galaxies Are Awesome

For this prompt, write a poem in which you birth a planet, a world, a whole constellation if you are feeling especially fertile. What does it feel to burst forth molten rock, gases combusting, the heaviness of possibilities.

I like these poems “From Another Planet” by Mark Jarman, “My God, It’s Full of Stars” by Traci K. Smith, “Astronomers Locate a New Planet” by Matthew Olzmann, “Night on Planet Earth” by Campbell McGrath, “Planet” by Catherine Pierce and “Repairing the Hubble Telescope” by Megan Snyder-Camp. I hope you will too.

Bonus prompt: Choose the last line of one of the poems listed above and use it as a ghostline. Remember to erase that line and give credit to the poet who inspired you.

Good luck!